You are here, and this is not a coincidence. Yes coincidence, if there was no such thing as coincidence, there would be no such word. Now that you are here, this moment is real and it is just the reality and you. 

Well, life is short and complicated and nobody knows what to do about it. Do you know? So, the solution is you don’t do anything about it. Just take it easy and stop worrying so much. Stop running the rat race with everyone else, enjoy the moment! Chill with your friends and share your happiness and pass that smoke, it’s all about sharing love and joy! 

The truth is, the world has completely lost it. No point in trying to convince the idiot become one and go with the flow. The idiot would wonder, ‘ if we go with the flow we will find ourself on the bank of the sea, we should go against the flow to reach the middle of the sea.’ Fool. If you are on the bank, you can go hang out with some pretty girls, grab someone else’s drink if you are broke, eat lovely food and listen to some great music. What do you do in the middle of the sea? Do Samudra Manthan??! 

Now go with the flow and take a deep breath, relax. Just relax. Keep relaxing. Why, kick back your shoes and put your legs on the couch. Now don’t think about anything, no thoughts, no emotions, just nothing. Smile and take it easy! When you spend days like this, years perhaps, you will see the light. That is the path to being ‘The Dude.’

Hope is a good thing, that’s the only thing. There is no life without hope, lets hope for the best!’ ~ The Dude.

Join our religion of hope, of being free from all this f$&@#!g materialistic nonsense and be liberated. Become one with happiness and let the cosmic energy take over your soul. You get the drift? A good start would be to go take a nap. 

Wake up, grab a bag of chips with something cold to drink, sit back and get your dose of Mithai!