Hall of Fame is in honor of all the champs who have left all the ‘worldly’ pleasures for their passion. These are the real ‘Dudes’ of our world, society & its pressures has been harsh, but these individuals have fought and risen above everyone. Liberation is about doing your own thing and treading the road where freedom of the soul is the ultimate destination.

Kshtiz Anand- the real dude

Meet Kshitiz, he is a Dude in his own right and a truly liberated soul. He gave up living in fancy houses, driving fancy cars and moved to a small village in Bihar. There is no electricity most of the times, internet connectivity is very limited but he loves his job- his passion. He has helped thousands of girl children by the foundation- Happy Horizons Trust that he built. His passion to help is unparalleled to none and is commendable.

He is currently, the Managing Trustee of the Happy Horizons Trust, that uses the power of Design Thinking, Participatory Learning, Community-based learnings and alternative education interventions (storytelling, activity-based learning, learning through films and videos) to improve the quality of school education in India for underprivileged children with no access to education.

His approach is firmly grounded in applying the principles of Design Thinking to Problem Solving in Development areas like education, healthcare, Team Management, Design Consulting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in India.

In the past, he was a principal consultant to L’école de design Nantes Atlantique, one of the leading Design schools in France. , where he functioned as Director and Head of Operations of India Studio. Over the 5 years of his association, he established the Master’s program in Transcultural Design, that emphasized on Design for Social Impact and Design Thinking.