They say three is a crowd, welcome to the riot with these five characters,
we cannot forget Sundari!

Well, Sundari is no hottie, she is Dude’s pet goat.
Yes, she lives with him and he feeds her grass.
Both organic and inorganic.
I always wondered why she is hungry all the time

This useless nitwit



He does nothing for a living.
No, we are not smoking anything funny!
This is the truth, he has no job and roams around freely,
happily content with himself.
He does own a 2000 rupee note which translates to owning
a Bentley for him, it is a big scam.

His best friend is Sai, whose inspiration happens to be Jani

Meet Sai

Sai was fired from his job today.
He is meant to do greater things in life’ 

than being a corporate ho ho ho,

Like waiting for Santa to deliver a miracle.
HO HO HO …high hope


the Dude

The most sorted out person with an aura of ‘The Dude,’
anyone can recognize this dude.

He walks about aimlessly, mostly smiling,sometimes laughing
for no reason, you think, who is this retard?
Hey, he has his s$i% figured out man.

Do not mess with the dude,

do not try stressing him out, because, he doesn’t care!
Most of the times you will end up laughing with him
so hard that you would cry with stomach cramps the next day.

Yeah, true story!


Meet our detective



Here come our detective who looks
like car headlights from far.

From near, people generally get scared and run away
Apart from dude. They have come to her for help now.
Let’s hope her talent and lights guide her to

traffic free lanes…
or maybe help these three fellows find a way.

Only time will tell.

Their adventure is a dream with passion and reason and ridiculous laughter.


this joint effort and don’t forget to pass it on!